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Dinner tonight was somewhat vegetarian. Meaning I did not have a protein for a main course. There was, however, bacon in my macaroni and cheese so it wasn't 100% vegetarian. The roasted red pepper soup was delicious. David didn't like it much. He isn't much of a soup person OR a veggie person so it just wasn't for him. Brother in Law liked it (at least he said he did - maybe he lied - haha) and both raved about the macaroni and cheese. I got the red pepper soup recipe from Giada De Laurentis on the FN and the macaroni and cheese is all Barefoot Contessa (also from FN). If I made them again I would do one thing different to each dish. For the soup, I would have added one more jar of roasted red peppers to get a more peppery flavor and for the mac and cheese, I would have added more sharp cheddar. All in all, I really enjoyed it! Recipes after the jump!

 Beer was on the menu tonight. I got this Oregon brewed amber ale in honor of Jimmy moving to Oregon in 7 months. It's tasty and hoppy. I enjoyed two bottles of it but wish I would have went with the Pale Ale. My personal fave.

 I did my prep for the soup. Choped up carrots, onions, garlic and potato and drained roasted red peppers.

 I also chopped up my thyme. You don't have to be too precise with your chopping as you blend all the ingredients up once the potatoes are cooked all the way through.

 And, voila! finished product with cheese melted in the middle.

I didn't take any pictures while I was prepping the macaroni and cheese. Everything I was using was so devoid of color, I didn't feel all that inspired. Anyway, here's a pic of the finished product!

 It was very yummy though! had delish cheese throughout plus crunchy bacon topped with home made bread crumbs! mmm mmm mmmm!


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I feel like I am about to explode right now. I haven't really even eaten too much of my sweets because I am SOOO FULL! UGH!

Anyway, tonight for dinner was chicken quesadillas. They taste so much better when you make them at home, I must say. This was my first attempt and I didn't have a recipe. I pretty much went off the top of my head. The husband said they were the best he has ever had! Score! The only thing I would do differently next time is cut the chicken thinner. I thought I made it small to begin with but it was too big. I think next time I will use chicken breasts and shred them. Overall, for a novice, I'm please with my pictures. They aren't like WHOA! stellar or anything, but they look ok. My recipe after the jump!

Quesadillas in pictures:

  First thing I did was make a marinade for the chicken. Vegetable oil, spices and cilantro from the garden!

 Then, the chicken went for a swim! (25 minutes)

 While the chicken marinaded, I sliced up some peppers, onions and garlic. Aren't they pretty?!?!

 In the pan they go with an eentsy bit of olive oil!

 Cooking and drinking wine go hand in hand for me along with swing or big band music in the background. Drives the husband crazy, but too bad! Oooh, I hate the flash reflection in the glass and bottle. Boo.

 ok, enough wine drinking, back to cooking! out goes the peppers, in goes the chicken!

 Now that the peppers and chicken are cooked, add them to a tortilla with cheese! MMM! Cover with another tortilla and voila!

 Slice and serve with sour cream! (or guacamole!) YUM!

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Butterscotch Toffee Blondies!

I decided to make these cookie bars for my husband. He isn't a huge fan of chocolate so I omitted the chocolate chips that you can add to these if you like. Although they are yummy, I feel like they are missing a little something so I am going to do a milk wash on the top of them and sprinkle health chips all over the top to give it a lttle extra oomph. Recipe (taken from bakebakebake ) after the jump!


S'Mores Bars!

After seeing everyone on bakebakebake posting these delectable s'mores cookie bars, I decided to have a go at them myself. They are to DIE for! Very, very sweet and a little goes a looooong way! But really, they have a layer of marshmallow fluff along with melted milk chocolate sandwiched between two crunchy graham cracker cookies. What's not to love?! Still working on getting the right lighting and flash for food. Recipe after the jump!


Herb Garden

I've recently gotten back into cooking and baking. I thought I would catalogue my adventures in food here. Posts will be image heavy and only recipes will be put behind a cut. I am also trying to figure out food photography so I am going to use this as my practicing ground. :)

So here goes, my first entry! I started growing an herb garden about a month ago. This really helps out when cooking as there is nothing better then having fresh herbs from your own garden whenever you want!

Amazingly, I haven't killed my herbs yet (I don't have much of a green thumb). I just keep watering, pruning, and talking lovingly to them

In my garden, which consists of a three tier, stacked pot, I have sweet basil, globe basil, sage, parsley, dill, peppermint, chives, cilantro and rosemary. So far with my herbs I have made chive garlic mayo and parsley potato wedges. Recipes after the pics. :)

  This is the whole "garden". Or all three pots stacked and planted.

  Chives! These herbs are quite a bit more fuller now and they smell so delicious! Sharp yet sweet.

 Cilantro! I'm going to use this tonight in my quesadillas!

  Dill! I'm not overly crazy about dill, but it does go well with fish and seafood in general.

 Globe Basil! This is really yum! Slightly more peppery then regular basil.

 Sage!! Great for savory dishes. I love sage! Love it!

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